What topics does this course cover?

This course will teach the learner about what social media is and how it affects people’s mental health. It will also cover how you can stay safe online and help protect children using social networks.

  • Psychology of social media use

  • Social media and mental health statistics

  • Social media addiction

  • Social Media Use and Negative Pathologies

  • Maintaining good mental health with social media

Who is this course for?

Social media is an integral part of most people's lives and this course will be particularly helpful for people who spend more time online (e.g. young people and professionals) as well as those that provide support and guidance to these groups (e.g. teachers and HR).

  • Individuals who use social media

  • Parents & Carers

  • Young professionals

  • Employers & Managers

  • HR Professionals

  • Teachers & School Staff